The Company Strength and Competance

The biggest asset of the Firm is the experience of the members in the Team and the diversities of the knowledge among key staff. Between the two Directors, the Company exudes a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years of practice in the industry.

In addition to Property Management and Valuation, the two Directors have varied technical and business and management skills Whereas One Director is an expert in Geo Information System holding a PhD in the discipline, the other has done Maters Degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance.

The multi-disciplinary experience of the Team provides a good basis for greater understanding of industry and thus the Firm is well equipped to undertake any kind of assignment in this very dynamic industry.

The Company has a good source of information on market value for lands and Real Property Investment as we engage in data collection, as we maintain a regularly updated database.
The survey on market data is done by offices in respective locations.
The Company has links in Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha, Mbeya and Mtwara.

Advantages your organisation may enjoy by working with us, include: -

  • Timely delivery of the Valuation Reports of required quality in terms of standards and realistic figures.
  • The Company possesses good knowledge in Real Estate markets in Tanzania, thus it is best placed in advising for such transactions as, acquisition, Real Property Investment, Title Renewals, and varieties of Land Administration consultancies.
  • The multi-disciplinary diversity opportunities within the Firm and the flexibility it offers to adapt to different challenges and opportunities available in the market.