Niche Consult is a consultancy Firm that specializes in Valuation and Property Management. The Firm was registered in 2008 and subsequently awarded practicing license in December 2009. It employs professionals with years of experience in Valuation, Land Management, Project Appraisal and Property Management.
Property Valuation
This involves carrying out valuation of physical and non-physical assets among others, land and buildings, plant and machineries, equipment, furniture, business, goodwill for such purposes as sales, mortgage, taxation, compensation, insurance, accounts, investment, shares, rentals. Reports are prepared in formats recognized by International Valuation Council or as provided in International Financial Reporting Standards.
Asset Coding and Preparation of Fixed Assets Register:
This involves design of coding system and fixing of the codes on properties. Codes are fixed by freehand, stencil, dymo print or barcodes. Asset coding involves inventory control by verifying, listing and preparation of inventory cards to control movement of fixed assets within an organization. It also involves preparation of a fixed assets register manually by using the Kalamazoo system or by designing a customized Fixed Assets Register Software.
Property Management and Land Administration
Managing real estate assets include securing of title deeds; arranging leases; securing and managing property income such as rent; maintaining property; arranging sales and transfers; dealing with tenants; estate agency; advice on the optimum use of property.
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